F*ck Bans

Republicans are trying to divide and scare and distract people because their actual agenda stinks. But here’s the good news. These out of touch weirdos are in a bind. Because as it turns out – none of their attacks on our basic freedoms are very popular. So let’s fight back.

What’s at stake in 2024?

Despite the ever-present and looming threat of Republicans gaining a trifecta at the federal level and passing a national ban, there’s some (more cheery) news at the state level, as advocates in multiple states are working to get measures on the ballot to codify abortion rights in their state constitutions.

In other words, LFG.

What can i do?

What states are we focusing on this year?


Just recently, Arizona’s state Supreme Court upheld a near-total abortion ban from 1864. While Arizona Democrats have introduced bills to enshrine reproductive rights, the GOP currently holds one-vote majorities in both the State House and Senate. This is why we must flip the state legislature AND pass the abortion ballot initiative this year.


Arkansas currently has a total ban on abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. The state also has the highest maternal mortality rate in the nation. Activists are currently collecting signatures for an amendment that would allow unrestricted access to abortion until 18 weeks and allow exceptions after 18 weeks for rape, incest, fatal fetal anomalies, and the life and health of the mother. 


Florida has a 6-week ban on abortion. The state Supreme Court has issued a ruling that puts Florida lawmakers’ ban into effect. A state law also recently went into effect that requires a 24-hour mandatory waiting period for people seeking abortion care.


Abortion is legal in Nevada up until the 25th week of pregnancy. Since Dobbs, many states bordering Nevada like Idaho and Utah have banned abortion. As a result, Nevada is experiencing an influx of new patients seeking safe, legally protected options for reproductive health care.


Meet VSA’s on-the-ground partners collecting signatures to secure pro-choice ballot initiatives in November.

  • ArIZONA Arizona for Abortion Access

    Arizona for Abortion Access is a coalition of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations working to qualify a constitutional amendment for the November 2024 ballot. This measure would get rid of Arizona’s current 15-week ban and enshrine the fundamental right to abortion in Arizona’s constitution. Organizers must collect nearly 400,000 verified signatures  to place this measure on the ballot.

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  • ARKANSAS Arkansans for Limited Government

    Arkansans for Limited Government is the Ballot Question Committee working to limit government overreach and restore personal liberties to every Arkansan. The pro-abortion amendment would allow unrestricted access to abortion until 18 weeks and allow exceptions after 18 weeks for rape, incest, fatal fetal anomalies, and the life and health of the mother. AFLG has met the state’s minimum requirements to qualify the Arkansas Abortion Amendment for November’s ballot with over 100,000 signatures processed.

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  • florida Floridians Protecting Freedom/Yes on 4

    Florida currently has a six week ban, but voters will soon get the final say, as the Florida Supreme Court recently signed off on organizers’ abortion amendment for the November ballot. Yes on 4, a statewide campaign of allied organizations and concerned citizens, is working to turn out the vote and protect Floridians’ access to abortion. Every dollar raised will go directly toward securing reproductive freedom in Florida.

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  • NEVADA Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom

    Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom PAC is a coalition of community organizations led by Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada, Reproductive Freedom for All Nevada, and the ACLU of Nevada. Organizers are fighting to make sure abortion rights are enshrined in the most permanent way possible – the state constitution. Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom have gotten the signatures they need, now they are officially on the ballot and will need to turn out supporters in November.

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Why are Republicans so obsessed with taking away our freedoms?
Tbh great question. Rightwing freaks have evidently decided that they can use reproductive freedom as a so-called “wedge issue.” The idea of a wedge issue is that it unifies your side and divides the other side, enabling you to fire up your base and attract persuadable voters. They seem to think that they can spark fear of change and distract from their incredibly unpopular agenda by focusing on things like .. ya know, eliminating bodily autonomy of half the population.

What can we do right now?
Donate, organize, spread the word!

What’s the plan for stopping these creeps for good?
In the medium term, we’re working toward the November 2024 elections, when we’ll have the opportunity to secure abortion in state constitutions, replace anti-abortion legislators, and defeat Republicans in statewide offices and nationally who support the anti-abortion agenda. Then, over the long term, we can fight for national legislation to protect reproductive freedom and organize to build power in red and purple states. Join the VSA Team at the link below to be part of that work.

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Freedom takes work.

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