The vote. It’s important. It’s powerful. Michelle Obama keeps telling you to do it. But voting is hard in America — especially during a pandemic. That’s why we created Vote Save America, a one-stop shop for everything you need to get registered, get the information you need to vote, and get yourself and others to the polls.

From tools to register and request your mail-in ballot, to information on the candidates and ballot measures, to dates and deadlines in every state, we have it all, and we put it in one place.

What we need is your help getting as many people as possible registered, engaged, and ready to vote. Whether you’re looking for an official partnership, or just some information to share with the people in your life, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s where to start: Vote Save America’s Digital Toolkit

Think of our Digital Toolkit as a guide through the most important information you can share.

Right now, we need everyone to do these things:

  1. Register to vote or verify that you’re still registered.
  2. Request a mail-in ballot to vote safely during this pandemic.
  3. Learn the key dates and deadlines for registration and voting in your state.
  4. Use Vote Save America to read up on the candidates and the process and to get involved.

For each of those priorities (and more!), we have downloadable graphics that you can share with your audience or remake in your own style, and messaging you can use when you share. Find it all in the Digital Toolkit →


Here’s how to work with us:

We have two tracks for our partners. We love tracks.

  • Be A Voter: For partners who’d like to encourage their audience to do the basics— register, vote, and educate themselves with basic voter information.
  • Save America: For partners who are ready to take a side—to encourage their audience to go further on their engagement, education, and involvement, to support progressive candidates up and down the ballot, and to vote out Donald Trump.

Depending on who you are, what you’d like to accomplish, and which track is the best fit, we can provide you with a selection of the following:

  • For people or groups with a platform:
    • Factual talking points
    • Social assets you can share or repurpose
    • Connections to campaign events and fundraising opportunities
    • Donation and involvement opportunities to share with your network
    • Guidance on which races to get involved with for the greatest impact
  • For brands and businesses:
    • Factual talking points
    • Social assets you can share or repurpose
    • Inserts with relevant information to distribute with purchases to customers
    • Donation and involvement opportunities for your network/customers
    • Opportunities to collaborate with Crooked on donation-based products (menu items, apparel/goods, etc.)
    • Custom Team Pages based on audience opportunity

Are you interested in any of this? Do you have other ideas we haven’t thought of? Partner with us to make them happen! Shoot us a note at to get started.

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