2024 is shaping up to be a doozy. So, what can you do aside from recording a video for one of those “celebrities tell you to vote” compilations two weeks before the election?

Well you, like everyone, only get one vote. But you, unlike everyone, are uniquely positioned to get a ton of other people to use their vote (and their time and energy). That could mean a lot of voting, volunteering, and spreading the word, and it takes all of those things to win in 2024.

Here’s What We Do

Vote Save America, founded by Pod Save America co-hosts Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor, is a one-stop shop for everything you need to get registered, get informed, and get to the polls. Over the past 5 years, we’ve raised over $55 million for progressive campaigns, causes, and grassroots organizations, filled 200k volunteer shifts, recruited 30k poll workers, and helped more than 885k people register to vote or check their registration. 

  • Voter Education: We built, a comprehensive resource hub for voter registration, dates & deadlines, ID requirements, and more. 
  • Fundraising: We create strategic funds, including one to flip the House and expand our lead in the Senate, that help maximize the impact of voters’ donations. 
  • Volunteer Mobilization: Each cycle, we mobilize thousands of volunteers to complete phone bank, text bank, and door knocking shifts with key partners.

Here’s How You Can Help

  • Digital
    • Share Resources via Social: Elevate Vote Save America’s informational assets and strategic messaging to your feeds. 100% fact-check guarantee✅
    • Host a Conversation: Host Crooked’s political experts for a conversation on your feeds about the ‘24 election and how to get involved. We can help answer questions from your audience as we get out the vote together.  
  • In-Person
    • Fundraise: Raise money through VSA’s targeted funds or use us to fundraise for carefully-vetted partner organizations and candidates you care about.
    • Headline a Virtual Volunteer Event: Help rally the troops before critical election dates. 
    • Share Custom Messages: Share strategic messaging + election info in your own words on social. The VSA Team can lead roundtable briefings with partners and messaging experts to provide the latest insight on key races. We also provide customized graphic support.  
  • Customized
    • Go Grassroots: Join one of our key partners on-site to mobilize volunteers and educate voters on the stakes of the race at a rally or campaign event.
    • Host a Fundraiser: Want to raise money for progressive candidates and causes? Have a great hosting space in mind? Let us know! We can help facilitate a fundraiser. 
    • Be a Convener: Your influence and network are valuable. Convene your friends for a conversation with our experts to share best practices and answer any questions they have on how they can get involved. 
    • Tell Us Who You Know: If you know someone who wants to get involved, connect us! We can curate and send the most strategic opportunities. 
    • Tell Us What You Want: None of these options sound exactly right? Let us know! We can work together to find the opportunity that makes the most sense.


Ok! Those are the basics. Below, please find a few examples of Vote Save America content collaborations from the last presidential cycle → 

  1. Host a Conversation: VSA collaborated with Kendall Jenner’s team on a Voting/Election Q&A on Instagram Live (and stories) geared toward an audience of young + first time voters.
  2. Customized Graphic + Messaging: VSA coordinated with folks such as Barack Obama, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and more and provided customized voter education and mobilization graphics to share via social media.
  3. Customized Video + #VoteReady Support: VSA partnered with celebs like Abbi Jacobson and Demi Lovato on custom video promotions of VSA’s BallotReady tool – a one stop shop where voters can get every key voting dates and deadlines, as well as information about the candidates on their ballot.