South Carolina


Here are some fun things about South Carolina: beautiful beaches, tasty barbecue, a state dance called the “Carolina Shag.” Don't tell us. We reeeeally don't want to know. Instead, dance your way to the polls this year! Here's everything you need to know to be a voter in the Palmetto state this year.

Be A Voter

Key Dates

Oct 9

Voter Registration Deadline (online)

Oct 11

Voter Registration Deadline (mail postmarked by)

Oct 24 – Nov 5

Early Voting (excludes October 30)

Oct 20

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request (recommended)

Oct 28

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline (returned by)

Nov 1

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Return (recommended)

Nov 8

Election Day

Nov 8

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Return Deadline (received by 7 p.m.)

South Carolina Voter Guide

  • How do I make sure I'm registered to vote?

    Go to to check your registration or get registered. We're working with BallotReady to make this as easy as possible for you, so don't fuck it up.

    register here
  • Can I register the same day I want to vote?

    Sadly, no. So do it now! Just make sure you do it by October 9th if you want to register online, or postmarked by October 11th if you do it by mail. Then reward yourself with a cookie.

    register here
  • Can I vote by mail?

    Absentee voting allows qualified voters to cast a ballot by mail prior to Election Day. Check the link below to see if you qualify. If you think you do, you can call, visit or send your request by U.S. mail to your county voter registration office. State law no longer allows for delivery of absentee applications electronically or by fax. The deadline to return your application is 5:00 p.m on October 28th. You can return your ballot to your county voter registration office or an early voting center either by mail or personal delivery, but you must present Photo ID when returning the ballot return envelope. Be sure to sign the voter’s oath and have your signature witnessed. Anyone age 18 or older can witness your signature. A notary is not necessary. Ballots must be received by the county voter registration office by 7:00 p.m. on November 8th. Ballots returned by mail should be mailed no later than one week prior to election day to help ensure timely delivery. Got all that? We're sorry.

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  • Can I vote early?

    Yes, you can vote early from October 24 - November 5, except for October 30.

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  • Do I need an ID?

    When voting in person, you will be asked to show one of the following Photo IDs: A valid SC Driver’s License, SC Department of Motor Vehicles ID Card, SC Concealed Weapons Permit, SC Voter Registration Card with Photo, US Passport, Federal Military ID, all Department of Defense Photo IDs and the Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Card. If you do not have one of these Photo IDs, you can go to your county elections office to get a SC Voter Registration Card with Photo. You will need to provide your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You can do this even on Election Day. Free DMV ID Cards are also available from the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you cannot get a photo ID, bring your non-photo voter registration card with you to the polling place. You may vote a provisional ballot after signing an affidavit stating you have a reasonable impediment to obtaining a photo ID.

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  • How do I cast my ballot?

    If you are voting absentee, you can return your ballot by mail or in-person. For in-person voting, you can find the polling place closest to you here.

    Find Your Polling Place


Since 2020, there have been changes that will impact how you cast your ballot in South Carolina. Here are the differences you should keep an eye on: 

When making a plan to vote…

  • South Carolina now has early voting from 8:30am to 6:00pm from Monday to Saturday the two weeks before the Election. Go find your nearest early voting place, as casting an absentee ballot has become much harder!
  • The absentee ballot application deadline has been moved up a week!
  • When applying for an absentee ballot, you’ll need to include the last four digits of your SSN.

When casting your vote…

  • Drop boxes have now been explicitly banned in South Carolina.
  • You must show a form of photo ID when turning in your absentee ballot.
  • If you help other people vote, you should know that you can no longer return more than five ballots other than your own.
  • If you requested a mail ballot but are voting in-person, you’ll cast a provisional ballot unless you return the unvoted mail ballot.


  • Find the details on accessible voting in your state, including early voting, Election Day voting, mail voting, and accessible mail voting tools for people with print disabilities.

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  • Get your absentee ballot here!

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  • Need to show Voter ID? Not sure what kind? Get the specifics in your state here.

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