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Iowa! You're too nice to admit this but you are the election trend-setter! You're like the Anna Wintour of democracy! Well, take those big sunglasses off, Anna, because we’ve got some work to do. The election is just around the corner and you need to be as prepared as one can be! Here's everything you need to know so you can set the best trend - voting - for all of us!


Key Dates

Oct 24

Voter Registration Deadline

Nov 8

Same Day Voter Registration

Oct 20

Recommended Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline

Oct 24

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline (by mail)

Oct 19 – Nov 7

Early Voting

Nov 8

Absentee/Mail-in Ballot Return Deadline

Nov 8

Election Day

Iowa Voter Guide

  • How do I make sure I'm registered to vote?

    Go to to check your registration or get registered. We're working with BallotReady to make this as easy as possible for you, so don't fuck it up.

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  • Can I register the same day I want to vote?

    Yes, on Election Day! But why wait? Do it now. Do it do it do it dooo itdoitdoitdoit:

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  • Can I vote by mail?

    Yes! As long as you're registered, you can request to have your ballot mailed to you, and we recommend doing that by October 20th. Then, you can fill it out and mail or hand deliver it by 8pm on November 8th. One note on voting by mail: You do not need a copy of your ID to vote by mail BUT you must include ID info when you apply for your ballot.

    You can find out how to request your absentee ballot here.

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  • Can I vote early?

    Yes! In Iowa, this is called in-person absentee, and it's available between October 19th - November 7th.

  • Do I need an ID?

    Yes, you do. An Iowa driver's license, non-operator ID, a U.S. passport, military ID, or veteran's ID will work. If you don't have any of those, don't worry: Iowa will send you a free Voter ID card after you register to vote. All you need to do is sign it and bring it with you when you vote. Get all the details here from VoteRiders.

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  • How do I cast my ballot?

    If you are voting absentee/by mail, you can return your ballot by mail or in-person. For in-person voting, polling places will be open from 7am to 8pm on Election Day, and you can find the polling place closest to you here.

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Since 2020, it’s become harder to cast your ballot in Iowa. Here are the changes you need to pay attention to:

When making a plan to vote…

  • The absentee ballot request period has been shortened – you’ll now need to request it at least fifteen days before the election (it used to be ten). 
  • Early voting now begins nine days later than it used to (it now starts twenty days before Election Day).
  • The absentee ballot deadline is now slightly earlier – they must be RECEIVED by the close of polls on Election Day instead of just being postmarked the day before.
  • Only immediate family members can return your ballot for you (including placing it in a dropbox).

When casting your vote…

  • Ballot tracking is now available online and much better organized than it used to be. 
  • Polls now close at 8:00pm, so you’ll have to get out sooner (it used to be 9pm). 
  • You can now validate a provisional ballot until the Monday after Election Day.
  • Blind and disabled voters can no longer have a caregiver return their absentee ballot for them; instead, they’ll need to designate a deliverer through a form from the county election commissioner.
  • If you’re attesting to the ID of someone at the polls who doesn’t have their ID, you must present your own ID. (Phew, that was confusing – in short, just have your ID on you when you vote or when you go with others who are voting!)

Moving forward…

  • Iowa’s being way more intense about purging inactive voters than they used to be – if you skip a general election, you’ll be marked as inactive and get a notice from the state government (which you should most definitely respond to).


  • Find the details on accessible voting in your state, including early voting, Election Day voting, mail voting, and accessible mail voting tools for people with print disabilities.

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  • Get your absentee ballot here!

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  • Need to show Voter ID? Not sure what kind? Get the specifics in your state here.

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